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      I’m A PTR certified tennis coach from the Mississippi Gulf Coast with over 4 years of experience teaching students of all levels both privately, at tennis clubs, for local high school teams at the University of Mississippi. We seek to create a tennis team learning environment for students to learn grow and compete together on Mississippi Gulf Coast. We seek to build students up both personally and with their tennis and we have a comprehensive program that includes tennis coaching, physical fitness, competitive leagues, tournaments, and mindset training to help students grow from the inside. Also, we train students in competitive teams striving to help students build life long friendships and have people for students in our program to learn and compete together.

     Tennis has been a lifelong commitment for me and has molded my character in ways that I could not imagine. On my journey as a tennis player, I have cultivated perseverance, strength, patience, discipline, presence, and trust in my intuitive capabilities. In every lesson that I teach I start with all that I have learned from tennis and give the utmost passion and energy to every student I teach to help them learn tennis while inspiring them to grow into the best versions of themselves both inside and outside. Our program is all intensive helping students tap into that natural greatness that lies within each and every one of them.


Why You Should Sign Up!

  • Experienced professionally certified tennis coach right in your back door.

  • Learn a life-long enriching sport that can open so many doors, and that can teach you so many lessons.

  • Great opportunity to keep yourself or your kids active while learning a great new skill.

  •  Personalized tennis coaching for your skill level to help you individually grow.

  •  Highly organized tennis lessons with the industry's best tennis coaching methods.

  • Fun yet informative lessons where you or your child will be pushed to new heights.

  • Great coach for developing junior tennis players into all they can be.

  • Special philosophy of coaching that aids students to grow mentally and internally while tapping into their inborn capabilities. Allowing students to learn quickly while cultivating skills that will help them succeed in all facets of life.


Equipment needed: Tennis Racket ( if you don’t have a tennis racket you can buy one from me on my website )

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What Other People Say!

Jeni Ward

My son LOVES Coach Bryceton. He is young and fun but firm with the kids and very knowledgeable in tennis. He has tons of patience and takes the time to teach each student the specific skills they need. We look forward to lessons each week.


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