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Our tennis training helps students to learn all aspects of tennis including technique, nutrition, fitness, match play experience, and the inner game. While improving as players and people. My goal with students is for every student to have a transformative experience that helps them get the best out of themselves on the tennis court and as people. In our program students will learn commitment, confidence, perseverance, presence, and grit. Our students will also build valuable relationships within their team as they compete and become better together.

Join Our Tennis Team

 Weekly Match Play Meeting

Weekly Matchplay meeting where students can come competes consistently so they can improve while meeting people in other groups and making friends.

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  Weekly Tennis Academy

Specific fitness, drills, and competitive games with other students in the group to help students. Learn naturally, make friends, improve fitness, and improve technique.

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Students will get the opportunity to travel and compete in tennis tournaments with the team. Travel may be individual or with other students.



When students are ready students' teams will be playing sanctioned USTA  league matches with our very own USTA team.


Monthly Progress Reports

Progress report where I talk to students and parents about what the student needs to do to improve.


✔ Meet new friends!

✔ Learn and Grow Within a Team!

✔ Learn to be an advanced tennis player and take your game to the next level with advanced training, drills, fitness, match-play, competition, and inner game training.

Tennis Group Program

A tennis training program that allows students to learn all aspects of tennis while improving as players and people. Students will have the opportunity to learn compete and grow with other students in a tennis team.

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Tennis Field Trips and Meeting

We will periodically have organized times where students attend events such as high school and college tennis tournaments. Or other tennis-related events.

Weekly Inner Growth Calls/ Education Call

We will have weekly calls either on zoom or in-person to talk about ways students can grow and lead happier healthier lives both on and off the tennis court. We will address many things such as Tennis Strategy, Fitness, Nutrition, Mindfulness, Confidence, and learning tennis-specific skills like stringing rackets, etc. Students will have an opportunity to talk privately with coaches to talk about any personal issues or things they would like to improve upon or asking questions about the topic or anything else they may be interested in.


Contact Us

+1 504 276 4254

302 south second street Bay Saint Louis Mississippi

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