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Game, Set, And Match: Ignite Your        Kid’s Passion For Tennis

Uncover Your Kid’s Talent And Help Your Future Tennis Star Learn From A Veteran Coach 

Get A Chance To Train With One Of The Top Tennis Coaches In The Area.
Registration Now Open :

Is your child or teenager in search of a new hobby? Or maybe you're looking to enroll your child or teenager in a fun, character-forming extra curricular activity? Apply for a chance to be a part of our 101 Class that will teach your child tennis fundamentals firsthand from an experienced PTR certified tennis pro with colleges tennis playing experience.


Make new friends, stay active, establish coordination, stamina, and fitness skills that will last a lifetime.

Learn tennis fundamentals, employ newly found techniques on the court and keep improving your game strategy during every lesson.

Become a part of unique training philosophy that emphasizes intuitive learning. We use tennis as a tool to for personal growth, building physical strength, and developing powerful character traits.


Master your mindset and practice staying calm under pressure to reach desirable results both in the game and personal life.

Participate in games and drills that present the technicalities of tennis in a fun and memorable way.

Enjoy working with an experienced coach who reads each student to give them the required personal attention and teach as effectively as possible.


1. Apply and you will receive a short call from coach Bryce to make sure we are a good fit.

2. Duration Of Tennis Class: 1 Hour/ 4 times a week


3. Bring Tennis Shoes and Athletic Clothing. 

4. If you don't have a tennis racket coach Bryce will send a link to buy a tennis racket and rentals will be available for evaluation sessions.

5. Further Details will be given during the call.

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Information will be provided after the Sign-Up. Call  or Text 504-276-4254 for questions

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